New Patients

New Patients

Step into our space here at Huntsville Physical Medicine and you know you’re in a unique place. Our friendly team is here to help meet your health goals and we can’t wait to meet with you.

To provide you with the best possible care we need to gather some important information from you. Start your care today by filling out our new patient form and let’s get you well and keep you well moving forward!

What You Can Expect

When we first meet you, if you haven’t already, we’ll have you fill out some simple paperwork to get you started.

First Visit

We’ll perform a comprehensive exam that includes:
– Doctor consultation
– Neurological exam
– Orthopedic exam
– X-rays if needed
– Patient health history
– Any complaints or details about why you came to visit

These things help us get a full picture of what’s going on behind the scenes, and once complete we then go over what is called a Report of Findings to explain the results and how we can help. Our team will put together a carefully designed care plan just for you in order to get you exactly where you need to be and keep you in good health for the long haul.

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