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Why I Chose ChiroPraise

Brian B – VP/Sales & Strategy

       I am often asked by my family and Chiropractor friends why I stopped practicing chiropractic and chose to start working for a marketing agency that only works with Chiropractors. It really isn’t that difficult for me to answer. Working for this agency has afforded me the opportunity to help other chiropractors help more patients and grow their practices. One thing that we were not taught in Chiropractic school is how to run a business. We are not taught the importance and power of marketing and technology. We learn how to diagnose and treat patients through the manipulation of joints, active and passive rehabilitation, and nutrition. Little time and effort are spent on building a business, how to acquire more patients, or how to automate marketing. This is where ChiroPraise has changed the game. ChiroPraise has built a team of professionals educated in development, marketing, and advertising – not to mention that they have been doing this for nearly a decade. There is not another marketing agency for Chiropractors that has lasted as long.

       So how does a Chiropractor fit in at a marketing agency? My professional life has been spent in the Chiropractic space, first as a Chiropractor and then as a sales professional since 2008. It has been my passion to help other Chiropractors to build their businesses through great software programs and through alternative streams of income. My experiences as a Chiropractor and working with other Chiropractors has lead me to recognize an overriding theme – Chiropractors all benefit from help on the business end. We, as Chiropractors, need help generating consistent new patients through our doors on a monthly basis. ChiroPraise has developed processes and strategies to address and correct this problem for Chiropractic clinics that seriously want to grow their clinics at a reasonable pace and an affordable price.

       ChiroPraise is very unique in Chiropractic marketing and advertising because we are full-service and are not vested into a solitary avenue of marketing – unlike those Facebook marketers. We rely on data and research on your individual market to develop a comprehensive marketing plan that will best utilize your advertising dollars. Our approach allows Chiropractors to diversity their investment across multiple marketing platforms, both traditional, like radio and television ads and direct mail, and digital, like social media ads, retargeting, and reactivation campaigns. By utilizing a variety of marketing platforms we are able to ensure a continuous stream of new patient opportunities. ChiroPraise prides itself on ensuring that everything from your website,  your advertising content, to your photos and videos are all customized to YOUR practice.

       It is unusual to find a marketing agency that does not use the cookie-cutter approach to their clients, but then again, ChiroPraise is not your average agency. If you want an agency that customizes a marketing plan to your practice, assigns a marketing director to your clinic, and has a genuine, vested interest in your financial success, then you need to choose ChiroPraise – just like I did! One of the biggest reasons that I made the choice to spend the rest of my career at ChiroPraise is because of the TEAM. Having been in the corporate world, I know just how rare it is to find a company where the team works together for the success of their clients. The team at Chiropraise does this everyday. Our team works crossfuntionally to ensure that each and every client sees growth in their clinic. Some of the other guys sell you a product and then walk away – not us. We understand the industry like no other agency because we take the time to continually research and learn new marketing trends and platforms, and then pivot to those concepts when we feel it will add to the overall growth for our Chiropractors.


It’s almost funny to ask myself, “Why did I choose ChiroPraise?” I should really be asking myself why it took me so long!


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